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We would love to have you come and check us out. So who is ready for summer? Is your hair? Yep, that’s what I thought a big no! Frizz, pony tails, and all sorts of unruly hairs. First, let’s talk about those summery styles we all see and want but think you can’t have. Sure you can!! Hillary Clark, also one of our stylist has some great tips and products that will hold those beachy waves you want. Hillary says one of the most frequently asked questions she gets is how do I curl my hair to make it look like an effortless wave and when I get it how can I get it to stay or hold? Hillary first starts with our label M heat protection spray, not only will it save your hair from damage but has a great hold. She likes to alternate the curl pattern, wait until the curls cool to then comb through with her fingers. To finish spray with a soft hold hairspray ( our All Nutrient hairspray is amazing ) and you’re finished. Alternating your curl pattern would mean curling each piece you grab in the opposite direction as the piece next to it. Also using a wand or flat iron to curl works well and can cut down on time. At Zealand we carry label M, Morracon oil, All nutrient, and Neuma for hair products. During these summer months to give that added protection try using Label M’s rejuvenating oil mist. It leaves the hair frizz free and nourished. It’s also great on towel dried hair to speed up you blow dry. Also great for a second day refresh. Try spraying a dry shampoo at the root and running an oil or serum through your ends to keep them healthy. Remember as summer approaches not only does your skin need protection but so does your hair. Thank you for reading along with us and keeping up with some great inside info! Don’t forget to look for some live feeds we will be doing on Facebook to enjoy a few minutes of our day at Zealand’s spa salon. Are you wearing Zealand?

Grand Opening

Written by Kara Keller
May 12th, 2016
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Welcome! First I want to start with how happy we are for all of you to be reading our very first blog post! ( I am not the finest of writers but here goes nothing 🙂 ) Our mission at Zealand is not only to provide amazing service but to connect with our clients on a much deeper lever and leaving a lasting impression that will make our clients want to see us again.
       So let’s dive right in! When you leave the salon how do you feel? Good? Great? Well we want you to feel GREAT, but part of doing that is actually not just in our chair, but when you are able to go home and sort of “re-create” that salon look or feel. How many of you have went home and not been able to do your hair, or sat in the chair and said ” I wish I could take you home to do my hair everyday.” Well we feel the same way. We want you to ask us the questions and get the right products for your hair. That is key! Ask us for a 5 minute lesson to help out your blow dry. Even knowing basics help. Don’t ever feel like you can’t ask us “Why are you doing that?” Or ” How am I going to do this at home?” We want to show you. Frankly, we should show you. A few of my clients I have actually shown them a technique and gave them the tools and/or product and while they are still with me had them do it. So with that said please ask us so that we can help you. Also remember these techniques we use take practice but you can do it and will feel great you spent the 5 extra minutes to learn.
Please join us on Wednesday June,22 at 7pm for a blow dry/style class. Where we will be teaching you how to professionally style your hair. Class is free with a purchase of either product,brush, or blow dryer. (No minimum/ no max purchase)  snacks and drinks will be served. RSVP salon, limited space.
Thank you again!

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