Haircuts at Zealand Spa Salon

One of the many things you will love about Zealand Spa Salon is our staff is unique and different at haircuts and styles. We have a wonderful staff whom come from all different backgrounds. They all were trained at different cosmetology schools and they all bring something unique to the table.

When a new female client calls Zealand Spa Salon asking for a haircut either by phone (248-313-9228) or booking our service online our Zealand concierge staff will ask a series of questions.

  1. How long is your hair?
  2. What is the texture of your hair?
  3. What kind of haircut are you looking for?
  4. Is it just a trim or is it a full new change?
  5. Do you prefer a particular stylist based on their skill set or skill level?
  6. Is the haircut for you or are you calling for someone else?

Once our concierge staff gathers all that information we conscientiously match up that clients request based on the answers to the questions. New clients are not a simple rotation here at Zealand Spa Salon. Based on the answers given by the new client, we can refer to the opening paragraph about all our stylists being unique and different.


Our Stylists

One of our stylists has very thick curly hair and so we tend to refer all our thick curly head clients to that stylist. She is great at all haircuts but she definitely excels at those beautiful curls.

One of our stylists is TiGi trained and is an educator. Her haircuts are perfect and precise. Some of our clients want that beautiful symmetrical angle stacked bob that this stylist perfects every time.

One of our stylists excels at the older women haircuts and really understands perms and roller sets. Although the stylist is well rounded we know she can handle the thinning fine hair that sometimes comes with aging.

One of our stylists prefers haircuts to be a little more tousled and random. She doesn’t go for preciseness as much as how the cut fits your particular face and your particular lifestyle.

One of our stylists definitely loves cutting the young long haired girls with their long layers and multitude of hair.

One of our younger stylists may be more relatable to a younger girl and makes them feel more comfortable. Some of our clients even ask for a younger stylist because they want their hair to be hip, happening and current. They thrive off the energy that often comes with a younger stylists starting out – one who loves everything and everybody.


Haircut Experiences At Zealand Spa Salon

Haircuts at Zealand Spa Salon are an experience. We pride ourselves on the amazing selection of shampoos we use (Aveda and Eleven Australia) and better yet we can boast about the amazing scalp massage you get at the shampoo bowl that take you, at least for a short while, off to the land of relaxation. Often we can see a client’s eyes roll back and they stop talking during the scalp massage and hope that that part of the experience never ends. We end with a blow dry and often go back after the cut is dry to thin or tweak the haircut so you leave here each and every time with a haircut that you absolutely love.