Facial Spa Salon

A Facial at Zealand Spa Salon

Close your eyes, imagine yourself laying on a soft fluffy luxurious warm bed, tucked between soft cotton sheets and draped in a light warm blanket. Your eyes are closed. Soft music is playing serene spa sounds. It’s dark in the room except for the flicker of a series of warm lighted candles. The hint of our fresh Eminence products selectively chosen for your specific service gives off a hint of natural aroma. It’s quiet and dark. So peaceful, so quiet. This is the beautiful setting of a facial at Zealand Spa Salon.

Upon entry to our spa you are asked a questionnaire about your skin.

  1. What type of skin do you have?
  2. Are there any products that you currently use?
  3. What results are you looking for?
  4. What kinds of products do you prefer?
  5. Our estheticians go over all these questions with you and hand select the products best suited to your facial.

Our skin care line is called Eminence Organics. In keeping with our natural organic philosophy here at Zealand Spa Salon we chose to use this Hungarian skincare line because all the ingredients are of highest quality organics. The company plants a tree every time we sell a product and so far Zealand Spa Salon has planted over 900 trees. We love our partnership with Eminence Organics.


Facial Experiences At Zealand Spa Salon

The facial you will experience at Zealand will leave your skin feeling glowing, fresh, bright and tight. Our first step is thoroughly washing the face with an oil based cleanser. Oil attracts oil and this cleanser helps take away the oils and dead skin build up. We follow this up with another cleanser that this time really gets into the layers and cleans the skin leaving it fresh, clean and ready for an exfoliation. We have many kinds of exfoliation – some gentle and some more vigorous but all will work towards removing the dead skin from the surface.

Now lay back and experience the relaxing part of the facial.

You will be treated to an amazing massage of the neck and decolletage. The muscles will automatically relax as you sink into the bed and you will feel the stress melt away. The esthetician’s hands will glide firmly over your face and neck tantalizing the tight muscles.

Following the amazing massage, the next stage of the facial is the hydrating masque. The masque rehydrates the skin and replenishes the natural moisture in your skin. It leaves it plump, hydrated and fresh.

Eye cream to work on the fine lines and wrinkles is chosen for your skin type along with an application of citrus lip balm to leave your skin hydrated and moist.

A spritz of toner, followed up by a moisturizer specifically selected for your skin type adds the final touch to the service.

Does this service sound like something your skin would enjoy? Book your appointment now at Zealand Spa Salon and ask for a Signature Facial. Our staff would be honored to service you.